CommandoMen who do maybe not use underpants under her trousers.

CommandoMen who do maybe not use underpants under her trousers.

Commitment CeremonyA public affirmation of the dedication and union typically has actually origins within pagan ceremonies

CottagePublic bathroom maybe not put a lot these days except by more mature males

CottagingBritish gay slang for doing anonymous sex in a public lavatory a ‘cottage’ (‘tea-room’ in gay US vernacular) or driving for sexual partners aided by the intention of sex in other places


CPLSCouples (usually being on advertising of gay people looking for a three-some, four-some, or few move).

Creampie(also called internal climax and, in same-sex contexts, as reproduction and seeding) is actually a sexual work, typically showcased in pornography, for which a men ejaculates inside their lover’s vagina or anal area without usage of a condom, leading to obvious seeping or leaking of semen from the snatch or rectum.

Cross-DressingDressing in clothes that will be traditionally assigned to the exact opposite gender

Crossing The LineCeremony to enjoy crossing the equator. The firstimers would-be abused considerably quite homo-erotic

CruisingPresent participle of sail. The action on the verb to sail. A concerted efforts locate a sexual encounter with another people especially in a public put.

Crystal methamphetamineCrystal methamphetamine or «tina» is amongst the quickest raising medications from inside the gay society. To consumers it’s temporary issues may. Amazingly is injected, snorted or smoked. In its crystal form it really is labeled as ice or windows

CSD (German Prides)The acronym CSD represents Christopher road Day – an ancient day’s commemoration with the first-known opposition of homosexuals and transsexuals to state and social discrimination.

CubA young bear

Spunk DumpA one who loves multiple guys cuming inside him without using a condom.

CumshotCumshot climax onto another performer’s looks, such as for example on the genitals, bottom, upper body or tongue and are usually presently.

CunnilingusMuff scuba diving.

Pussy SuckerA derogatory phrase for a lesbian.

CutCircumcised – circumcized dick

DDivorced (usually making reference to an earlier heterosexual wedding)

D/D FreeDrug- and Disease-Free (also can look as DDF)

DaddyThe name ‘Daddy’ when you look at the U.S.A. was someone who generally ‘tops’ or whom gets a lot more funds then your more youthful, if not used, ‘bottom’

Daddy ChaserA gay man which likes their lovers older, wealthier, yet not fundamentally better.

DeadnameThe past title of someone who has got altered that title, particularly the pre-transition first name of a transgender people. Deadname may consider the operate of phoning an individual (especially a trans individual) by that persona€™s previous name, unlike their unique chosen or desired label. Deadnaming some one try offensive and disrespectful, even when finished inadvertently or as a joke.

DemisexualA demisexual is actually somebody who doesn’t feel intimate interest unless they shape a stronger psychological relationship with people. Its commonly noticed in but in no way confined to passionate relationships.

DescreetRespecting or sustaining respect, silence, modesty, confidentiality; may relate to a closeted person.

DGMDivorced Gay men

DILF»Dad I’d Like to Fuck»

DippedRefers to anything dunked in certain sorts of substance

DLDown Low. If a peron is on the DL, this means they are not down however and requires to get discreet.

DMDivorced Male

DoggingHaving gender with complete strangers in a community location. «perceiver become urged, thus creating dogging a form of exhibitionism» (Wikipedia)

DomDominant Male or Female (likes somebody who is submissive, often to a time to be a slave)

DopeDope (marijuana) is actually naturally occurring compound that can become a relaxant and moderate hallucinogenic. Whenever smoked, the results usually are felt rapidly with others experience more relaxed, delighted and generally laid back. Strong marijuana may also induce useless giggling, loss of inhibitions and a sophisticated appreciation of tunes and colours. Marijuana has also been reported to help relieve the pain sensation, nausea and vomiting in higher level stages of malignant tumors, HELPS and other major maladies.

Dual PenetrationThe installation of two cocks onto another guys anus at the same time

DPDouble Penetration: The installation of two dicks onto another guys anus at the same time

DragDressed in such a way typically determined because of the opposite sex- DRessed As a lady

Pull KingA lady outfitted like a guy

DTEDown to planet

DTFDown To bang. If a guy try DTF, hea€™s looking for a sex.

DuckieA synonym for homosexual, particularly when put as an expression of endearment.

Dutch BoyMen, homosexual or straight, who like to hold with a dyke

Dutch OvenThe work of capturing you under sleep covers after launching vile butt fumes

DykeA lesbian the definition of comes from nineteenth-century slang phrase dike, which described male garments, when it had been very first used to consider lady, it held a derogatory meaning of male look or behaviour

Dyke BiteRefers to a directly girl making use of lesbianism as a feminist discussion or a manner or insulting people

Dyke DogRefers to a male, right or elsewhere, just who loves the business of lesbian females to a direct lady using lesbianism as a feminist argument or an easy method or insulting guys

EcstasyClosely for this using Amphetamines (where its derived), Euphoria, or MDMA, ended up being initially utilized as a psycho-therapeutic medication. Really a Psychedelic drug that produces euphoria and a feeling of wellness, diminished amounts of anxiety and stress and an actual physical stimulant and sensational impact in people. It’s unlawful generally in most countries and is also one of the most widely used illegal medicines worldwide.

ElectroGiving individuals smaller electric shocks, this could be done in the body or from placing devises inside you. Discover


F2FFace to Face

FacialTo are available during the face

Fag BangleA gay man who is a just a trend equipment to a directly lady for example. just like the gay guys in ‘Intercourse into the urban area’ these are typically an extension from the direct woman’s ward gown